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Here we present our current menu!

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Seasonal Dishes




Steaks from the hot stone

In our gastronomy we have specialized in delicious steaks from the beef hip, rump steaks and homemade sliced meat from the hot stone. The hot stone heats up to 360°C, so you can enjoy a delicious, hot piece of meat at your table with every bite. We also serve potato side dishes such as crispy fried potatoes, French fries, potato wedges and much more. Of course, the right dips and sauces are also part of the perfect steak!

Identification of additives in accordance with the Additive Approval Ordinance and

Allergens according to the food information regulation:



1. with color;

2. with preservative or with preservative;

3. with antioxidant;

4. with flavor enhancer;

5. sulfurated;

6. Blackened;

7. Waxed;

8. with phosphate;

9. with sweetener "or" with sweetener;

10. with sugar (s) and sweetener (s);

11. contains a source of phenylalanine;

12. Can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess (excessive consumption may produce laxative effects);

13. Containing caffeine;

14. Containing quinine;

Allergenic substances:


a. Cereals containing gluten; we have wheat

b. Crustaceans and products thereof;

c. Eggs and products thereof;

d. Fish and products thereof;

e. Peanuts and products thereof;

f. soybeans and products thereof;

G. Milk and products thereof        (including   lactose));

H. Nuts;

i. Celery and products thereof;

J. Mustard and products thereof;

k. Sesame seeds and products thereof;

l. sulphites (sulphites);

m. lupine and products thereof;

n. molluscs and products thereof;


You should be allergic to other foods, or  not be sure ask for or direct our staff  specifically for your allergy, only then you can  Errors and possible cross-contamination  be excluded

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