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Here we present our current menu!

Starter / soup


Curry - lemongrass soup (f) 200 ml € 5.40

Spicy chicken soup "Asian" (i)  200 ml € 5.40

Goulash soup (a, l, 1) 300 ml € 6.80

Baked sheep cheese a) g) j) i) Vegetarian

on olive - tomato salad with baguette bread  

  € 8.90

Grilled vegetables with honey - goat cream cheese g) 2)  € 8.10

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon strips

and honey - mustard sauce (c, j, i, d)

€ 7.90

Mushroom - Jalapeno Pot (hot)

gratinated with cheese, with baguette g) a) c)  

€ 7.90

Frischer Tomaten-Salat

Fresh salads

Large salad plate

with white balsamic vinaigrette (c, l, j) € 9.10

with strips of turkey breast (c, l, j,) 10.50 €
with salmon strips (c, l, j, d) € 10.50
with mushrooms (c, lj) € 10.50

Grüner Salat
BrennBar Pfanne.jpeg

Fresh from the Pan

Pork Schnitzel "Viennese style"

with fried potatoes (1, a, c, g)

€ 14.50

Pork Schnitzel with mushrooms  

and fried potatoes (1, a, c, g)

€ 16.80

Poultry schnitzel "Viennese style"

with fried potatoes (1, a, c, g)

€ 15.00

Poultry schnitzel with mushrooms

and fried potatoes (1, a, c, g)

€ 17.30


"Rustic Schnitzel" (1,3, a, c, g)

with crispy fried bacon, fried onions,

grilled sausages and potato wedges

€ 19.80

"Brenner Pfanne"

Beef rump, pork, poultry on fried potatoes, stir-fried vegetables with a fried egg and hollandaise

22.50 € 

Köstliche Mahlzeit

Spare Rips mit Barbeque Sosse

und Süßkartoffelpommes (g,j,a,i,d)

14,20 €

Kikok Hähnchen Drum Sticks

und Kartoffelspalten (g,j,a,i,d)

11,80 €

Riesen Currywurst

und Pommes Frites (g,j,a,i,d)

9,80 €


2 matjes fillets with housewife sauce (cream, onions, cucumber, apple)

and fried potatoes (g, j, a, i, d)

€ 14.80

fried salmon fillet with cherry tomato ragout (a, d)

with butter potatoes

€ 20.50


Steaks from Angus beef
Please choose your side dishes!


with herb butter, pepper sauce or hollandaise  

   Hip steak            200 gr.       20.20 €

   Hip steak            300 gr.       € 23.20

with red wine shallots (l)

      Hip steak            200 gr.       € 21.80

      Hip steak            300 gr.       € 25.80

Larger steaks are possible on request.


All weights refer to the gross weight.


mit Röstzwiebeln und knusprigen Bratkartoffeln

                    250 gr.          25,80 €

Auf Anfrage auch größere Steaks möglich.


Alle Gewichtsangaben beziehen sich auf das Rohgewicht.



all burgers include i) j) a) c) g)

On request - burger with cheese 1) or bacon 2)

Euro  1.50


Double jalapeno burger

2 x 200 gr.  handmade beef burger with cheddar jalapeno sauce,  Ketchup, tomato, pickles and onions, with French fries (1.9)  

€ 15.80

"Brenner burger"

200 g handmade beef burger, lettuce, tomato,

Bacon slices, cucumber, onions,

  House style sauce with fries

(3, a, c, e, m, j, g) 12.00 €

+ Fried egg (c) € 2.00   + Cheese € 1.50

Rösti burger

200 g handmade beef burger, lettuce, tomato, cucumber,  Onions, house style sauce

embedded between two potato rösti (a, c)

€ 13.50


Steak burger

180 gr. handmade argentinian beef burger (low fat)  Tomato, pickled cucumber, honey braised onions and house-style sauce, served with Potato wedges  

€ 15.50


Scandinavian salmon burger

180 g salmon slice with tomato, pickled cucumber, onions and honey mustard sauce, potato wedges

(a, c, d, g, h, j)

€ 15.20

Crispy Chicken Burger

200 gr. Poultry breast coated in crispy breading

Tomato, pickled cucumber, onions

and sweet chilli sauce with French fries

  € 12.50

Veggie burger


with Tomato, pickled cucumber, onions,


tomato sauce, with sweet Potato fries  (a, c, g, f, i, 2)

13.50 €


Side dishes 

French fries                   


Fried Potatoes (2,3)                    

Potato wedges                           

beans with bacon                 

Fresh mushrooms           

Sweet Potato Fries

Stir-fry vegetables                    

Side dishes of salad                  


Pepper sauce                   


Sour cream                              




3,00 €

3,20 €

3,20 €

3,20 €

4,20 €

3,50 €

3,70 €

4,50 €

4,20 €

2,00 €

1,50 €

1,50 €

1,50 €

0,50 €

0,50 €

0,90 €

Pommes und Bier

Hot stone

Raw Angus beef steaks,
to roast yourself

Beef rump steak

with homemade herb butter

 -  200 gr.              Euro  18.50

 -  300 gr.              Euro  21.50

 -  400 gr.              Euro  25.20


Beef fillet 

with homemade herb butter

-   200 gr.          Euro  25.50

-   300 gr.          Euro  35.50

-   400 gr.          Euro  45.00



with homemade herb butter

 -  200 gr.            Euro     10.50

 -  300 gr.            Euro     12.80

 -  400 gr.            Euro     15.20

BrennBar- Stein- Bielefeld.jpg

"Surf and Turf"

Choose your meat and the number additionally

 Black Tiger Giant Prawns

 Per  piece  3.50 euros

Steak strips

and turkey breast strips

with homemade herb butter

-   200 gr.            Euro     13.00

-   300 gr.            Euro     18.50

-  400 gr.             Euro     23.50


for 2 people

Meat platte "Brenner" 2) 6) 

"HOT STONE" meat in its raw state

small hip steak, turkey breast steak, pork,

House sliced steak strips - at least 400gr. per person

two dips, chamignons and fried potatoes (prepared)

36.90 euros per person


Identification of additives in accordance with the Additive Approval Ordinance and

Allergens according to the food information regulation:



1. with color;

2. with preservative or with preservative;

3. with antioxidant;

4. with flavor enhancer;

5. sulfurated;

6. Blackened;

7. Waxed;

8. with phosphate;

9. with sweetener "or" with sweetener;

10. with sugar (s) and sweetener (s);

11. contains a source of phenylalanine;

12. Can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess (excessive consumption may produce laxative effects);

13. Containing caffeine;

14. Containing quinine;

Allergenic substances:


a. Cereals containing gluten; we have wheat

b. Crustaceans and products thereof;

c. Eggs and products thereof;

d. Fish and products thereof;

e. Peanuts and products thereof;

f. soybeans and products thereof;

G. Milk and products thereof        (including   lactose));

H. Nuts;

i. Celery and products thereof;

J. Mustard and products thereof;

k. Sesame seeds and products thereof;

l. sulphites (sulphites);

m. lupine and products thereof;

n. molluscs and products thereof;


You should be allergic to other foods, or  not be sure ask for or direct our staff  specifically for your allergy, only then you can  Errors and possible cross-contamination  be excluded