The culinary highlight in the Restaurant "BrennBar"!

With steaks on the hot stone,

every dinner becomes an exklusive event!


Hot Stone

Raw Angus beef steaks,
to roast yourself

Beef rump steak

with homemade herb butter

 -  200 gr.              Euro  13.50

 -  300 gr.              Euro  19.00

 -  400 gr.              Euro  25.20


Beef fillet 

with homemade herb butter

-   200 gr.          Euro  23.50

-   300 gr.          Euro  33.00

-   400 gr.          Euro  41.00


Turkey breast

with homemade herb butter

 -  200 gr.            Euro     9.50

 -  300 gr.            Euro     11.80

 -  400 gr.            Euro     14.20
BrennBar- Stein- Bielefeld.jpg

"Surf and Turf"

Choose your meat and the number additionally

 Black Tiger Giant Prawns

 Per  piece  3.50 euros

Steak strips

and turkey breast strips

with homemade herb butter

-   200 gr.            Euro     12.00

-   300 gr.            Euro     16.50

-  400 gr.             Euro     22.50


from 2 people

Meat platter "Brenner" 2) 6) 

"HOT STONE" meat in its raw state

small hip steak, turkey breast steak, pork salmon,

House sliced steak strips - at least 400gr. per person

two dips, chamignons and fried potatoes (prepared)

hip steak, chicken, beef, beef / pork strips, fried potatoes, fresh mushrooms

36.90 euros per person


Hot stone buffet
every Thursday

Our highlight, the hot stone buffet! On the buffet you will find different types of meat and vegetables to roast on the stone, plus crispy salads, various dips, potato wedges and potato gratin.

We'll sweeten the end with delicious dessert variations!

Price per person: € 27.50 


Events from the hot stone

We are happy to offer you your private event around the hot stone. As a buffet or with mixed meat platters on the table. Here you can determine which meat selection and side dishes suit the occasion and budget.